Pre - Incubation Programme

Blue Hub is gearing up to begin its pre-incubation programmes where people who are willing to go into entrepreneurship will be taken in to train and guide them through the entire process of generating to finalizing their idea. At the end of the pre-incubation we hope to have people who can table a product service or solution for pitching, after the pitch selected entrepreneurs will be graduated to the incubation phase.

STEP 1: Be Inspired
  • Creative thinking business idea
  • Celebrate business startups
  • Be Inspired by guest entrepreneurs
  • Get the right frame of mind to articulate your idea
STEP 2: Explore Business Idea
  • Test Business idea with others
  • Reflect on attractiveness of business idea
  • Access and collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs
  • Pitch your idea
STEP 3: Develop Business Idea
  • Get Access to hands-on training/workshop
  • Understand fundamentals of lean startup
  • Work on personal development plan
  • Learn how to protect your idea and fully exploit

STEP 4: Get Investors Ready
  • Consolidate Business startup idea
  • Prepare investor ready business plan
  • Access professional coaching and from entrepreneurs in residence of blue hub
STEP 5: Pitch Business Idea
  • Present idea to panel of expert entrepreneurs
  • Put idea to a test
  • Develop presentation and pitching skills
  • Make valuable business connections
STEP 6: Your Business is Ready!
  • Now you have the necessary knowledge to be an entrepreneur
  • Opportunity of access Blue Hub Incubator
  • Personal development programme

What is a startup?

A startup is a young company that is just beginning to develop. Startups are usually small and initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual. These companies offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market, or that the founders believe is being offered in an inferior manner.

Startups Come in all Shapes and Sizes.
There is no stereotypical entrepreneur! Whoever you are, Startup Journey can help you as you embark on your new venture

Why You Should Startup a Venture

  • You will be your own boss
  • You get to do what you are interested to do
  • Start your own firm and you get to set and meet your own deadlines
  • The freedom to express yourself and develop your concept in any way you choose
  • If you run your business well, the rewards can be huge
  • Starting your own firm will keep you on your toes and stretch your abilities to the maximum
  • You can always get the best of both worlds and stay as an employee while running your own firm
The Big Dream Can Finally Become A Reality

What You Will Gain At Blue Hub

  • Business coaching and mentoring
  • Inexpensive working space
  • Networking
  • Access to investors
  • Technical assistance

"Our vision is to create new wave of technology inclined entrepreneurs"

  1. Call for Ideas

    10th May - 1stJune 2017 25th August 2017